I am glad to take this opportunity to share with the students as well as their parents to extend my heartfelt gratitudes and thanks for their having chosen  Global College of Law for  their Legal  Studies.

I assure them to make my all out efforts to create an enabling academic milieu motivating students to develop their persona in a way that they will light like a star distinguishing them as GLOBALIAN LAW LAUREATE  when they go out to serve the Nation.

I shall treat myself at a fiasco  if any student in the campus of Global College of Law does not come up to realise the gravity of important  issue  as to how to tackle the dictum given by Bacon, “the worst torture is the torture of Law”.

The college is an enabling citadel of learning and it will be a great ignorance  if anybody desires to attain the pinnacle without making necessarily required academic exercise including Class Studies, Moot Court Studies and the outdoor studies like Mobile Legal  Aid Clinic, Thana Visit, Tehsil Visit, Court Visits on day to day basis as per schedule  and  through out the course of THREE or FIVE Years.

I shall request all ones to feel free to write to me any time with  suggestions or any grievances if any in the Campus of College or Hostel.  All the same, I assure that all the parents on specific request shall get monthly progress report of their wards latest by the 15th of succeeding  month.

Mrs. Mohindri Satyarthy                                                                                                                                      Chairperson